Platinum Presents conferences allow guests enhanced in-person or online session participation for greater interactive experiences. Event planners now have the ability to provide virtual access to full programs in support of continuing education for professionals throughout the year, with heightened engagement for a greater personal experience.

Our fully


conference options provide you with access to a main lobby where on-screen welcoming graphics with hotspots give entry to other areas, such as the plenary session, exhibit hall, networking lounge, multiple breakout sessions, concession and resource center.

Third party


software tracks every detail of the conference, including all attendee activity for calculations of advancement as well as post-session analytics. Use our integrated webcasting service to deliver live, semi-live and on-demand presentations to any audience on any device.


include chat, Q&A, surveys, polls, marketing, and social media integration. Production crews may be reserved to capture TV quality live video streams and other concepts whether on-site, online or hybrid approach. Virtual and in-person support provides conference planners with the ability to select a customized level of engagement as needed to create unique and fulfilling experiences all year long, regardless of extraneous limitations.

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