Environment Features


Main Lobby

When joining the virtual conference attendees access a fully customizable expo lobby where a video greeting can welcome them. On-Screen responsiveness provides entry to the Exhibit Hall, Resource Center and Communications Lounge. Consistent navigation at the bottom of the screen provides additional functionality and shortcuts. Choose from numerous design templates or upload any image to create a completely custom design.

Plenary Session

Attendees can visit the virtual Plenary Session for live and on-demand presentations that include:



Exhibit Hall

The Virtual Trade Show Exhibit Hall gives attendees the ability to browse exhibitor booths. An exhibitor directory makes it easy to locate specific booths all with a click of their mouse. Attendees can easily find matching booths based on multiple search criteria.

Exhibitor Booth

Vendors can choose from dozens of pre-designed booth templates or upload a custom design. Booths can include any digital content including: documents, videos, links to web-pages, social media links, surveys, and prize giveaways. When a visitor enters a booth, reps receive an alert. Chat options include:

Concession Area

Drive attendee behavior (visit booths, download materials, watch videos, attend webcasts, chat with reps, etc.) using our powerful gamification feature. Assign points for activities, offer prizes and display a real-time leaderboard.



Networking Lounge

The Communications Center offers networking features including scheduled discussions, message boards, group chat by topics, and discussion forums. Organizers can allow attendees the ability to connect with each other and share virtual business cards.

Industry Updates

We provide content that’s aligned with attendees’ interest in the conference, and deliver it wherever they are long after the event ends. Curated real-time content relevant to the industry establishes users as the ‘go-to’ source on hot topics.



Breakout Sessions

We provide multiple rooms for breakouts throughout the session. Breakout rooms provide unique environments for registrants, as well as related tools and management of content items. Breakout offerings run simultaneously, and attendees may achieve related credits for completion of multiple sessions. Enjoy unlimited live days and activities within these rooms.

All sessions may host unlimited content assets, uploaded or linked via URL; documents, PDFs, jobs, videos, webpages, etc. Platform features include direct social collaboration and networking with leaderboard, as seen in the Networking Lounge. Confirmation of registration through email and calendar reminders.

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